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Mike Awesome passes away

"Former ECW champ Mike Awesome passes away"

by Dave Meltzer

Mike Alfonso, better known as Mike Awesome, was found dead on Saturday evening in the Tampa area according to those close to the family. He was 42.

Friends were coming to his home in Tampa to pick him up and go out Saturday night at about 10:30 p.m. and he never answered the door and found him hanging in the home. It is believed the death was due to suicide pending results of the autopsy.

Mike Awesome was one of the top foreign stars in FMW in Japan, who as a high-flying big man was made ECW champion on two occasions in 1999 and 2000. As champion, he signed with WCW, creating a situation that many feel ended up killing the title as Tazz from WWF was brought back to ECW to win the title, yet at the same time the title was jobbed in WWF.

He worked for a few months with WWF after the collapse of WCW, as well as with All Japan, but had not wrestled in some time. He was working as a realtor at Coldwell Banker at the time of his death.

Sem palavras. Fez uma das melhores feuds da ECW contra Masato Tanaka, fez ótima campanha no Japão, tinha um dos, se não o mais, Powerbomb devastador. Tanta gente merecendo ir e levam quem não merece. 4CR presta aqui suas mais sinceras condolências e homenagens ao grande wrestler que Mike Awesome foi.

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At 6:04 PM, fevereiro 19, 2007, Blogger Joel disse...

meus pesares a familia do mike,q se não me engano largou o wrestling pra se dedicar a sua familia :(

At 6:26 PM, fevereiro 19, 2007, Blogger Lucas disse...

Putz, tô chocado agora...

Estrelaça da FMW, ECW...

Nossa, tô realmente surpreso, sem palavras...


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